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Five Beautiful Things About Me(&You).

I got this idea from another blog today and with it being anti bullying day I think it's the perfect theme. @RageMichelle posted a blog(which can be found here http://www.rageyourwaythin.com/) telling 5 things she likes about her body and asked her readers to post the same in the comments. I think this is great positive self talk and responded as well as jumped on board with the whole post.

In a world where us women(and some men) constantly assault ourselves with negative self talk this is the perfect thing to practice and start doing for ourselves on regular basis to help boost our self esteem.

I know as a preteen and teenager I had less self confidence than I do today. In fact I had next to nil. Now I am pretty self confident, but still would have no problem picking out about a dozen physical flaws and a dozen personality flaws in 30 seconds or less.

While I was typing up my response to @RageMichelle my daughter chimed in because I was a little stuck coming up with a 5th features I like. She said to me, "I would have no problem with that. In fact I have so many things I like about myself that I couldn't just stick with five." Wow! I wish I had the self esteem she has when I was her age. Makes me happy that she's knows who she is and is perfectly happy in her own skin.

Here was my response to @RageMichelle's blog:

Five things I love about my looks.

1. I love my legs. They’re long and lean and no matter how much weight I gain they stay thinner and look great in skirt!

2. My blue eyes. While they are a little on the smaller side I love them and they have aged well(no crows feet and I’m 38!!). I like the blue/green colour that they are.

3. My hair. I’ve finally grown it out for the first time in 38 years and it looks great! It’s kinda thin but nice and shiny. I love it! I dye it black so it goes well the 9 or so tattoos. )

4. My bone structure. I am tall so most people assume I am big boned(especially when I'm more over weight). I always got, “It’s ok.. you’re just big boned.” Actually, no, I’m not. I have teeny tiny wrists and ankles. I love my frame very much. Once I get these last 25 lbs off Imma be rocking super model stature.

5. My lips. I like my lips. They’re not too pouty and not too thin. I think they are perfect and kissable!

Now tell me... what are 5 features you love about yourself? These are physical features and not personality ones such as being friendly or outgoing, but like the examples I gave above.


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